Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rejuvenation of the Chest, a multimodality approach. Sculptra, Ultherapy, and BBL.

The rejuvenation of the décolletage has been a hot topic lately.  I have often observed that this area is a tell-tale sign of aging.  Since many patients have already addressed aging of the face, their faces look youthful, but there are other areas that show their age, namely the chest and hands.  Some new combination therapies to address the décolletage in particular have come about and show lots of promise.

There is often a fine, wrinkled appearance where skin has lost elasticity.  This is often worst in the center of the chest right above the cleavage.  The combination of Sculptra plus Ultherapy is what works best to address this texture change.  Sculptra is a filler that works gradually to stimulate new collagen production.  It works with your body's own cells and stimulates them to go to work to form new collagen.  Since Ultherapy is used to tighten the skin and form new collagen, we perform the Ultherapy immediately after Sculptra injection to multiply the effects.  The Sculptra can be diluted with a little bit of lidocaine added into the mixture.  This lidocaine has the added benefit of making the Ultherapy much more comfortable.  Patients say the procedure is very easy to tolerate.  There is no downtime, and since results are achieved gradually, it will not be obvious to others that any work was done, but gradually the area looks smoother, as if someone ironed the skin smooth.  Results should last up to two years. 

The other common concern is discoloration.  For brown spots and redness on the chest we often do BBL treatment to specifically target sunspots and dilated blood vessels that cause diffuse redness.  A series of three treatments is usually needed, and is best performed in the fall or winter when there is not much sun exposure to the area.  I suggest doing the Sculptra + Ultherapy combination in summer and then BBL in the fall or winter for a perfectly timed approach. 

To maintain the best effects, careful attention to sun protection is needed as this area is easily sunburned.  An added benefit can be attained by use of topical antioxidants such as a Vitamin C and E combination serum.  Multiple antioxidant products exist, so be sure to ask me or my staff about options. 

Trinity Vista is here to help you put your best self forward, so don't forget to rejuvenate this highly visible area!

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