Thursday, April 2, 2015

Texas Heat means it's time for a MiraDry Miracle

"Texas weather sure turns quick," or so the saying goes.  We have gone from a week of ice storms to sleeveless weather in less than a month, which can only mean one thing for people who are prone to excess sweat...worry over wet clothing and what others think of them. 

A few years ago we didn't have as many options for people bothered by sweat, but today there is a wonderful new device that permanently reduces excess underarm sweat.  I call it the miracle of MiraDry.  Most people only need one treatment with our new treatment protocols, and we are able to change their lives for the better and increase their confidence in almost every social situation. 

Over 90% satisfaction rates over this procedure speak for themselves.  The procedure typically involves numbing up the area under the arms with lidocaine and then using the device to heat up the area of skin to just the precise depth where the sweat glands reside.  This is usually accomplished in one to one and a half hours in the office setting.  There is minor discomfort as the anesthetic wears off and some swelling under the arms that can last about a week.  For most patients, using some ice packs and taking a break from working out for a few days is all that is required.

If you or someone you know could use a confidence booster and a drier future ahead, particularly in time for summer, don't hesitate to call Trinity Vista Dermatology at 817-885-8222.

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